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The New Accounting Profession

In today’s business world, accounting is no longer focused on number crunching but rather on working with people, finding answers, and solving problems. The Masters of Accounting Degree focuses on preparing you for today’s accounting profession.

Accounting is one of the oldest professions on earth. The earliest accountants date back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, when the accountants were called the “eyes and ears” of the Pharos. These accountants were the first masters of accounting!

In recent years the accounting profession has undergone radical changes. There has been a major shift away from “debits and credits,” with accountants recently taking the lead in investigations, attestations, solving business problems, systems integration, and eCommerce.

Detailed knowledge of the financial accounting rules and procedures has become more relegated to specialized accountants who server as “knowledge engineers.” This small number of people define the rules that go into corporate systems, and the systems are then run by information systems specialists.

The Executive Masters of Accounting Program at Florida Atlantic University focuses on giving our students the tools to succeed in today’s accounting world. The program provides a thorough, broad-based, intensive learning experience in accounting. Such a background serves as a foundation for our students to develop careers not only in forensic accounting but also in information systems, corporate accounting, auditing, public accounting, and consulting. The forensic accounting concentration gives just the right additional “boost” that students can use to develop specialized careers in forensic accounting, if they choose to follow that route. On the other hand, all the forensic accounting tools are highly relevant to the general practice of accounting.

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Online Masters of Accounting