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Accounting Careers and Opportunities for the Masters of Accounting

Forensic Accounting.

US News & World Report calls forensic accounting one of the “20 hot job tracks of the future ” Forensic Accounting is also named as one of eight “careers to count on.” in U.S. News and World Report, February 18, 2002 p 46-48, 50. The masters of accounting in forensic accounting helps prepare you for for a career in accounting.

Forensic Accountants work in almost every part of the business world, in public accounting firms, law firms, consulting firms, corporations, and in government agencies such as the IRS, FBI, and CIA. Forensic accounting is only one career possibility to accompany the masters of accounting degree.

Forensic Accountants are involved in many kinds of work that include: investigative services, litigation support, expert testimony, valuation, and dispute resolution.


Roughly speaking, accounting auditors attest to various type of assertions made by organizations. The traditional type of assertions that auditors deal with are the usual financial statements: the profit and loss statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. However, now accountants provide a wide range of attestation services, ranging from attesting to the ballot count in the Miss America Contest to verifying that web sites and their related businesses meet certain standards.

There are really 2 types of auditors, internal auditors and external auditors. External auditors focus on the company’s publicly-published financial reports. Internal auditors, on the other hand, focus on monitoring internal activities, events, and systems to ensure compliance with the company’s policies and procedures.

The Masters of Accounting in Forensic Accounting Program provides extensive course-work in auditing, with a special focus on auditing in cases of fraud or legal investigations.

Consulting and Management Advisory Services

Accounting has often been called the language of business, so it’s no surprise that accountants provide consulting services in almost all areas in the organization. Consulting overlaps with other areas of accounting. For example, a forensic-accounting consultant may assist in investigating a money laundering scheme, or in verifying the assets in a divorce case or in a merger. Forensic Accounting includes auditing techniques, so forensic accountants sometimes conduct specialized audits to help account for losses or prepare cases for litigation.

Corporate Accounting

Accountants serve in high-level positions within corporations and other organizations. The chief accountant is normally called the controller or vice president of information systems. Today’s corporate accountant is very much concerned with developing an information system that provides management with the right kinds of decision support. It’s the information system that produces the reports, and accountants run the information system. The Masters of Accounting degree provides a basic foundation with with to build a career in corporate accounting.

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