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Applications are accepted year around. We provide expedited processing for Executive Students applying to the Masters of Accounting Program. In many cases, we can use a special procedure that permits students to begin classes on the same day of the application.

At the time of applying to the Masters of Accounting Program, our Program Coordinator is available to advise on financial aid. Very often complete financial aid, including money for living expenses can be obtained on the same day of application. We can also offer deferrals of fees, pending processing of financial aid.

The best way to apply is to fill out the online application form. This gives us the ability to immediately begin working with your application. We also take applications via the phone, fax, and regular snail mail.

It’s best to send all correspondence directly to our office, as the Masters of Accounting Program is a “special program,” with its own unique program code. So some individuals in the university might not be familiar with the special rules relating to our program, meaning you might not always get the right answer to your questions or the promptest service if you don’t contact us directly.

For details on applying, financial aid, and courses, click on “Program Details.”

Online Masters of Accounting