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The Master of Accounting is an  AACSB/SACS-accredited program offered in the Florida Atlantic University College of Business School of Accounting and tailored to busy individuals who want to study under nationally-recognized faculty.

The program is offered in such a way that busy professionals and students in all parts of the world can complete the entire program through web-based distance learning without ever once visiting the campus. On the other hand, all courses are also offered on campus. So students have the option of taking some or all of their courses online, or all their courses in a traditional campus environment. You choose!

Most online courses are be supplemented with professor-guided case discussion groups offered via the web. In the online courses all examinations and assignments are hosted on the web, making it possible for the busy professional to complete the entire program without once visiting the campus.

A key goal of the program is to build life-long relationships among the students and faculty. Those that begin the program together tend to stay together throughout the program and become part of a highly-personalized environment.

“Insist on Both National and Regional Accreditation”

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