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Masters of Accounting Online or On-Campus 2017-03-15T19:12:18+00:00

FAU Masters of Accounting for Professionals and Executives

Get your Masters of Accounting Degree 100% Online, or come to on-campus, weekend lectures.

  • The Masters of Accounting is the premier professional graduate degree in Accounting. This program is unique in that you not only get the masters degree in accounting but also a concentration in forensic accounting, the hottest and fastest growing area in accounting.
  • All courses courses in the online masters of accounting program can be taken over the web. The same online accounting courses come with Saturday morning on-campus lectures, and you can either attend the lectures in person, view them over the web at of your convenience, or participate in them live via web-based video conferencing.
  • The Program is offered in the FAU College of Business, which has full AACSB and SACS accreditation. The Florida Atlantic University School of Accounting has ranked in the top 10 universities in the United States for its CPA Examination pass rate!
  • The program includes 27 semester hours of accounting. States require between 10 and 36 hours of accounting (plus other courses) for the CPA certificate. * The entire program consists of 10 courses.
  • Financial Aid Is readily available. Our direct-bill program covers all the student’s direct expenses though cooperating employers, for tuition, fees, and books. Federally Subsidized Student Loans are readily available regardless of financial need, with a very easy online application process. You can receive up to $18,500 per year, $8,500 of which may be interest free or interest subsidized. If you are even thinking about any type of loan or financial aid, it is highly recommended that you immediately complete the online Federal FASFA form. The application is immediate and 100% online. This form is rapidly processed, and is all that is needed to make the funds available to you. The federal government will notify us when you are approved. We offer complete tuition deferments pending processing of these loans. Private Student Loans are also readily available through our Financial Aid Office. Special interest rates and after-graduation payment schedules can make these loans very attractive.
  • Taught by a nationally-recognized panel of faculty.

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